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Cuthbert City Hall, 1940


Cuthbert’s Mid-Century Modern City Hall was a project of the WPA, near the tail-end of funding for the New Deal agency.  It’s a quiet  landmark of governmental architecture and utilitarian design. The bell seen below lists the names of the committee members who oversaw its construction.


Cuthbert City Hall © Brian Brown 2012

Via: http://vanishingsouthgeorgia.com/2012/09/03/city-hall-1940-cuthbert/


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Irwinville Farms Tobacco Barn, Circa 1937

Bradford Farm Irwinville Farms GA New Deal Great Depression Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Media Georgia in the Great Depression Website 2014

Irwinville Farms Tobacco Barn © Brian Brown 2014

To see more about this historic Resettlement Community, please visit:


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